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Saturday, December 3, 2011


 I am so, so sorry to be absent, my friends.  I have been busy with Christmas decorations and family business.  Yesterday my sister brought me these two Christmas decorations that I sent to my aunt many years ago.  I recognize the one as Little House Needleworks.  I made the pillow a bit too small but it is a good finish.  The cube was one of my first and the project and ribbons are held in place with pins.  A No Sew Cube finish is what it is.  I would do it so different today.  It is fun to see these again.  It is sad to think that I gave them away and they are now returning because a family member has died. 
I also found this quilt.  Purple!!!  Oh excuse me.....  focus, focus.....  This was made by a great grand mother on my mother's father's side?  I have to research this better.  The quilt top is all silk!!!!!  The back is flannel type fabric.  There is a card with an explanation of it's origin on the back.  Like I said, I have to do some reserach.  SILK!!!!  It is in wonderful shape.  I am not sure I could even use it for fear of damaging it.  I want to see what type of stitches were used, who made it, all the details I can discover. 


Jeanne said...

Very neat Taffy. I know how you feel......I brought home several pieces from my Mom's. It's interesting to see how I have progressed in my stitching over the years. I hope you get more info on the cool is that!!

Linda said...

Silk? That must have been maddening to sew on! But purple? It was meant to go to you, no doubt about it!