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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hummingbird Trellis - The beginning

 There are three blocks already finished across the top of the afghan.  It is a great start!!
 The colors are wonderful.  Bright colors on a tan background.
Randomly there is a side block also completed.  I am showing three finished blocks at this point.  Now a bit of back ground on this project.  I loved doing the Nature's Home afghan years ago.  I have missed working on it.  Stoney Creek then did this Hummingbird afghan and I was oh so tempted.  I didn't start it.  I found a lady on line.  (I am so sorry that I don't remember who it was.)  She has started this afghan and had 4.5 blocks done.  She had put together the floss and gotten a great start on the afghan.  Sadly she didn't think she would ever do it and wanted to get rid of it.  So she sold it to me for a very (I mean very) reasonable price.  I have had this for probably a year now.,  She has so much done already that I am not willing to remove her stitches.  I will just add mine.   So today I started working on a block that she had about half done.  I am also working to reorganize the floss into the a floss tote.  Tomorrow I hope to share yet another completed block and the one that I am working on.  It seems great to be working on an afghan once again. 


Gabi said...

Lovely start of a gorgeous design :)

Liz said...

I have all the magazines for this and the afghan material. I've wanted to start this since the first picture. Maybe you'll inspire me to get the floss together and actually start it this year. Happy New Year, my friend!