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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nordic Needle Stitching Accessories Box

I am having so much fun stitching this little piece.  It will be in the box top for the above mentioned series project.  I still need to do beads, cutting and filling stitches.  Then this one will be done.  I stopped at the office supply store today to pick up a binder, dividers and sheet protectors for all the various series that I am working on now.  It is getting confusing as to what is what with all the parts.  This progress is a single day!!!  Wow. 


Terri said...

Wow, it's looking great! I'm glad to hear it works up fairly quickly as I got mine on Christmas Eve and haven't started it yet!

Anonymous said...

Mine came a coupe days ago. I will start it soon. You will have yours done by then :-D

Donna G

Anne said...

Lovely piece! Love to see it done with the beads! :) Happy Stitching!