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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy day - turkeys to stitching

This morning I stepped outside to get a photo of some of the turkeys having breakfast.  There were also six deer there but as I took the photo, the deer had left.  I will keep trying to get a photo of the deer.  Our wild life is a constant form on entertainment around here.  

 I put together a floss tote for a subscriber, then I moved on to putting together some ornaments.  Victoria Sampler is the designer.  There is a pretty light purple fabric on the back of these two ornaments.

 Then I  worked on Just Nan's Gingerbread Mouse.  He is so cute.  I had fun putting him together.  I will put him in the display case but he is so small, he might just get lost in there.
I worked on the afghan.  This would be block number 6.  I did a bit of stitching yesterday and then ripped it all out.  Now I have begun again.  It is hard to see but this project has tons of white on cream stitching.  It was quite a productive day.

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