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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Stitching Update

I finally put the hardanger piece in the box top.  I think it looks grand.  Now that project goes away for two months until I get some more instructions for the scissors case, I believe.

It is cold here.  I have just spent two days working on this afghan block number 6.  I have some more flower parts in the upper right corner.  Then I will do the vines and little flowers that crawl down the left side of this block.  Back Stitching and it is done!  I am not sure if another block might be in my future or not.  I do enjoy working on afghans.  This one is a pain due to the little flower parts but it is so pretty.

Yesterday I took a bit of time did a bit of stitching on the Just Nan Valentine Tree project.  DH has been having some terrible pain and isn't sleeping well.  I am trying to stay quiet when I know he is asleep.  I am working on the JN piece in my stitching room and the afghan in the living room with the movie North and South series.  It was a good weekend.  DH is feeling better tonight.  He has found that his chair is quite comfortable and might be sleeping there tonight. 


Anne said...

Sending some prayers to your hubby and to you as well, with a big hug! Keep well. And your hardanger piece is just gorgeous! Love the box top. Lovely stitching! :)

Linda said...

Great progress on the afghan. Hope your husband starts feeling better.


Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Such a pretty finish. I am just loving the progress on your afghan.

viv said...

You must be so pleased with your box top; it's lovely. Continuing prayers as you and your hubby face the challenges.