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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A few things from the wood shop.

Who would have guessed that I would have a purple bench stool for my purple craft room?  I asked for a stool for the sewing table.  I need it short so I can see the sewing machine correctly.  I plan to put a cushion on the top.  Tonight the bench is getting felt feet glued on with a ton of craft books to help weight it down.  Craft books were handy by and ready to go.

My very talented son made the bench and this key rack.  Now the key rack has a history.  My brother gave my son a hunk of black walnut wood.  Apparently this is one item that came from the piece of wood.  How sweet is that?  I am thrilled.

My husband is doing better.  I am also so pleased and happy to report that.  A new pain med is helping to make him more comfortable.  We were able to get out and go to lunch today.  It is bitter cold but it was still good to get out for a little bit.

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Fee said...

Well done on the pain meds that is great, being out each day helps. What beautiful wooden pieces your son made, black walnut wood looks so deep. All the best.
Fee x