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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little bit of color

I have completed most of the white and gray for the trellis.  I have started on some flowers.  I did take some time today to find, kit, prepare a new project to take on our little overnight trip.  I should have taken a photo but it is packed and ready to go now so I will wait.  I might not be posting for a day or so. 

A few follower notes:

Fee: I tried to send you an email.  Prayers and hugs to you.  This journey of cancer is a difficult one and I hope you find some answers. 

Terri:  A new invoice was sent to you today. 


Linda said...

Your piece is looking good.


Stitcher said...

I have just spent a looonnnnngggg time reading your blog and looking back on a few months posts. You make some lovely things. Happy stitching.

Taffy said...

It is amazing at times to look back and consider what did get done.