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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Big Red Tree

I did the two trees over the barber shop.  Now I am working on the Needlework Shop.  It has a big front door so you can carry those large bags out when you shop.  I am enjoying this and can see the end of it.  The needlework shop is the last one towards the left side.  There is a lot of back stitching with this project.  I would have preferred to stitch it as a go but the chart has a long list of back stitching instructions with everything else being one color.  I found that too difficult to figure out what color to use where so I decided to wait. 


Vicky said...

Great heaps of backstitching. I have had these on my wishlist for ages and you inspired me to order them.
Can I mail them to you for the backstitching LOL

Anne said...

Lovely design and it's coming along really nicely! Happy stitching! :)

Fee said...

Well done and I would wait too with complicated backstitch, too confusing otherwise.