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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Snow Storm and some stitching

Yesterday we received a foot of snow in our area.  Today it looks really nice and pretty out there.  Yesterday I was so freaked out with having to go to the hospital during the storm.  I am still shaking.  I love a good snow storm but not when I have to be out in it.

I did get the base stitching done.  Then I tackled the list of special back stitching and that list is done.  Now the remaining back stitching and there is a lot of it, is one color.  So I am hoping to spend some time tomorrow and finish this up before the end of the year.  I am ready for some quiet down time - how about you?


Bev C said...

Hello Taffy,

Congrats on your nearly finished piece, back stitching is not my favourite part of cross stitch. Just to let you know your snow picture really made my day. We are in the middle of a heatwave here in West Australia.

Happy days.

Charge Send said...

Hi Taffy,

Beautiful and serene as your snow picture it, I'm still glad that I don't have to shovel it any longer.

in almost sunny California