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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Green Wing Number One

I finished the wing this afternoon and moved on to the dress.  There is a lot of green stitches in that wing!  I worked on this last night.  One good thing about a large area of a single color is that you can stitch without thinking much.  I used my double row method with the overdyed floss and I think it worked out just fine.  I really don't care for the stripey look that single rows of overdyed floss can make. 


Judy Walker said...

What is the double row method? That's a new one for me.

Taffy said...

When I use overdyed in a large area, I do two rows at a time. Sort of like:
1 3 5 7
2 4 6 8
completing each stitch as I go. I go across one (two) rows and then return back the other way. This seems to group colors (lights or darks) together and it makes it not look so striped.

Judy Walker said...

Thanks, I'll be trying that.

Jana said...

Gorgeous! Wish I had the patience to work on a pattern like this. So pretty.

Alinda Higgins said...

I didn't know what the double row method was either, and I thank you for explaining. I really like that way and will use it. Your work is so beautiful and such an inspiration!