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Monday, September 10, 2012

Just Nan Scissors Roll continues

I am still working on it.  I now have a bird, a bunny and a turtle.  There are five of these little panels and then some other parts...  (I try not to look to far ahead.)  I had forgotten how 'fuzzy' JN is.  Small amounts of colors used in little spaces.  I am going back to to JN stitching where I use short lengths of floss, loop start method and then stitch my four stitches.  Then repeat the process.  Oh, By the way, my stomach troubles are being attributed to a new medication I had been taking.  Once again today I am ill.  I hope to feel better now that I will stop that darn pill.  Grrr.


viv said...

So sorry about the med reactions.
Do hope you can get it all sorted soon. You are so right about all the color changes with JN, but I like her designs. There are more than I care to admit waiting to be stitched. I don't have this one, but I like it. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

April said...

The colors are so pretty !! sorry you have been having trouble with your stomach and meds.