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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fandangle in Purple

Today we went to chemo and I had some time to stitch.  I picked this up last night and then finished the stitching when I got home today.  This is the front and back of an elegant ornament type thing that I plan to use as a fan switch dangle in my craft room.  I need to cut out the two parts and then put them together with beads, a hanger and a tassel.  I think it will be a great addition.

Chemo went well.  We have some new things to try for the horrible pain in the forearms.  My husband is also seeing a chiropractor as some of the troubles are not chemo related but sound like a problem with his neck.  All this does keep our schedules busy. 

Bear sighting: Tonight Mr. Bear went walking through the yard on his way to one of our neighbor's houses.  He is quite big.  I would not want to upset this guy.  This is the third or fourth time we have seen bears.  It is rather scary.  On the other hand, he looks very cuddly.  I have always loved teddy bears.  Remember Alfred - - he looks like him.

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