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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Almost there - -

I did get some work done.  I had hoped to get it done but it is almost there.  I have the bars on the right side to finish.  I need to put the date and my name/initials on it.  Then there are beads and an outline.  After that this one is done.  I am busy wondering what is next.  I have a bit of sinus surgery planned for Wednesday this week.  Of course I will have six projects kitted up and ready to go to keep me company while I fly below the clouds on good drugs and recover from the surgery.  I might be quiet this week but I will try to keep you all up to date.  I always have a ton of stuff ready to stitch but I generally don't get to stitch at all.  Sleep and normal functions take all my time.  The house is cleaned, meals are planned, stuff is ready.  Now?  What to stitch next?


Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful.

good luck with your surgery. hope you get alot of stitching time and rest,

nancy c,

Anonymous said...

can you give me the name and or # of this design. I didn't see it on her site.

nancy c

Taffy said...

This is Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll done exclusively for Silver Needle in Tulsa. Once I am done, the chart will be up for a giveaway or a good price.......