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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rolling, rolling, rolling

I did get the final arch done for base stitching.  I also started working on the back stitching.  I did the green at the top and bottom of each arch.  I really didn't get much work done today.  Instead Jack and I went for a drive.  We went to the 'end of the northway', which is the local highway near our home.  My sister now lives very close to the 'end of the northway', it is about an hour away.  My sister and her husband just moved in yesterday so things are a bit chaotic right now but it was still good to see where they are living now.  I also met my nephew cat, Monty.  Apparently Monty doesn't just warm up to everyone and doesn't eat out even Mom and Dad's hand.  But Monty ate out of mine!!!  It was a pretty day and it was a great distraction to take a small trip.  Tomorrow is another doctor appointment to see if chemo 2.3 can occur or not. 


Anonymous said...

just love this just the way it is-framed.

Nancy C.

Anonymous said...

Love this just the way it is. The colors are pretty.