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Monday, October 1, 2012

Spooky and some more of the fairy

It was a run to doctor appointment day.  So I grabbed one of the extra charts that came with the mystery project from Lizzie Kate.  This one is Spooky.  They are easy because they are all one color and work up quick and easy.  

I was also able to work on the fairy enough to get her head done.  She is moving right along. 

My sinus surgeon is pleased with my progress.  Come back in ten days.  DH had an MRI and then saw the chiropractor.  The verdict is bad arthritis in his neck which is causing all kinds of pain in his hands and arms.  So we can pursue those options and see if we can find some relief.  Tomorrow?  No doctors....  just errands and trips to the drug store.  ARGH - - it is certainly busy around here.

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