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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deck the halls

 Today we made a big dent in decorating.  The front of the house is almost done.  I want a good sized wreath for the front door instead of the bow.  We will also put light on the bushes in the fore ground.
 We even put lights on the back porch.  I have colored Christmas light and what I call a disco ball.  It is a big ball of lights.  It twinkles.  I love, love this.  (Sorry Mom - - she didn't care for Christmas lights.)
I also finished the Peppermint Twist ornament by Little House Needleworks.  I am thinking that a bit of lace needs to surround this one. 

Let me tell you a story.  I put the ornaments on the tree today.  Nothing broke in transit and that is a good thing.  I had the ornaments on the tree and sat here wondering why the tree looked so empty, so sad,so missing something.  Ah Ahh - there was not a single stitched ornament on the tree.  I have tons of ornaments from friends and others over the years.  Last year, while planning a move, I put the stitched ornaments in other locations.,  I am not sure I have found all the hiding places just yet but the tree does look a lot better.  Photos to follow.

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Anja said...

Ohhh, Taffy, the house looks great. I love the sparkling under the roof.

In our village the lights on the tree of our market place were destroyed from three teenage girls at night. 1000 Euro away.
In the next town the trees are all only decorated from 2,50 meter and higher. There are more and more frustrated people here, from month to month less money, so there is a lot of rage and they destroy the beauty things.
And this year is the first year that all people here were asked to donate for poor children in OUR village.
The times now changes more and more, money flows away and the people are angry with politics.

I hope the Christmas Time gives all people a better feeling and love to others.

Today I will decorate the Christmas cushions. For the tree IN our house, I have to wait 2-3 weeks.

Liebe herzliche Grüße von Anja