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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Busy Finish Day!!

 First up is four Christmas pillow ornaments.  I did these this afternoon.  Each has cute fabric on the back.  I suppose I should have taken some back photos........
 This morning I worked on Halloween and Autumn.  I was experimenting with finishing techniques. 
Last night I put together my mother's clock.  It is decidedly whiter than it was when I decided to try washing it.  Mom did a good job using colorfast floss and fabric.  Nothing ran and that was a good thing.  Gone is the masking tape holding it together.  It now has batting behind it and it is laced in place. 


Jeanne said...

I could use some finishing help around about I wiggle my nose and you appear!!!!

Anja said...

Beautiful !
Oh,yes, please take a foto of all backs, I am so interested.

One ornament is more beautiful than the next, but the big house with the two green trees on it´s sides, on the top left, is the one I like very much.
You will have a beautiful, beautiful christmas tree. I look forward to see the tree in its full glamour with all the ornaments. (...please, fotos please...)

Your Christmas loving Anja

Nancy M said...

I need a finishing day....I'm getting so many little things done and I hate not "finishing" them. I haven't been to the store to see what the memory thread looks like. I might need to try some of that! Nice finished pieces you have done lately.

chrisstitches said...

Good for you on the finish can gladly help me tooo!!!
Have a wonderful holiday season!!!