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Friday, May 13, 2011

We have a visitor - -

Meet Alfred. At least that is what I plan to call him. He is big. He takes up most of the spare room bed. We have company right now so he has to wait it out in the craft room. He is only here for a visit and will have to eventually return home. For now and perhaps when things are quiet around here, expect to see more Alfred sitings.


Linda said...

Does he eat much? He looks like he eats a lot. He'll probably graze all night in the fridge while you sleep. You better keep your eye on him. I think he looks shifty.

Jeanne said...

Too funny! I'm with Linda.......I certainly couldn't afford to feed him LOL!

Teresa said...

he looks like a perfect bed reading pillow/prop. Hope he isn't calling out for his live friends to come visit you.