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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Holiday at my house - -

This is the start of Just Nan's little Mouse (I will have the official name in the future). It is a great start and almost half done.
Baby Trey was here for a visit. He is a very happy, calm, pleasant baby. We had fun. This is my great, great nephew. Trey is almost seven months old and came for a visit with his Grandma And Grandpa.
This is done. The Three Voilets are completed. I need to do the final finishing to make it a humbug. May be tomorrow.... I love the beads.

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Linda said...

Hey, he's a round-headed baldie, too! Love those handsome boys! And look at you with your red, white and blue patriotic shirt - you look great! I wish we had made it down there to see everyone. So sorry to have missed it. Love the humbug!