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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here comes bunny

Just Nan's 3 Voilets Humbug has begun. It is stitched on a blue sparkly fabric that I will be cussing for days to come. It is hard to see where to stitch with this fabric. I am using a magnifier just because of the type of fabric, not the size or count.

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Anja said...

Oh, süüüß, it remembers me of the motivs of Beatrix Potter, which I love sooo much.
The fabric looks very nice. To some work, I like the sparkly. I also use a magnifier sometimes, but I always think that my eyes will have that all the time, when I am not careful in using this.

Taffy, also when I do not comment so often: I am always here.

Your stitching friend Anja