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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Almost Done and About to Start

This is Just Nan's Summer Wings. The cross stitch is done. I need beads, back stitching and a bit of outlining. Then you do a quick whip stitch, a bit of fluff and we will have a humbug.
Meanwhile I have been excited about starting a very large project. This is a Dimensions kit called Max In The Adirondacks. Charles Wysocki is the artist. I love his work. It seems fitting that I start this one. I already have Maggie the Messmaker in my craft room. I plan to work on this with the floor stand in my new craft room. I don't know if I will only work on this one or not. It is ready to go. It amazes me how many hours it can take just to get a project ready to go. I have to admit that part is not my favorite. Especially with kits.


Nancy said...

Love your Summer Wings!! But what exactly is a humbug? And I sure do know what you mean about getting everything ready to start not being your favorite thing. I am the same way. If only I had someone that would just gather everything, measure it out and put that very first stitch in for me....I would be very happy to take over from there. Enjoy working on Max....I have Frederick to do someday.

Taffy said...

Nancy, The humbug name comes from an English hard candy that is shaped like a pyramid. It is a fun shape that is easy to construct and makes a pretty pin cushion. According the Just Nan.

Nancy said...

The humbug sounds interesting. I am really liking that pattern. But I am thinking waste canvas and a darker purple t-shirt. It would very easily become a favorite of mine to wear.
Thanks Taffy!

Debra said...

nice stitching and looking forward to your new piece.

Barb said...

The humbugs are pretty! Great job on them.