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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Floody is new

Hi all,  I have been very quiet and I know it.  My friend was here for ten days.  We went out everyday.  (Looking for trouble?). Shopping, PT, lunch, etc.  It was fun and a bit exhausting.  One of our shopping trips had me finding this little, well not so little, treasure. 

Now, my friend has left and I am busy nursing a very bad cold.  Hopefully I will be back to feeling better soon, back on schedule, finding my routines and back to normal.  My knee is doing great.  One good suggestion is to not judge by the day but look at it as improvements over the last week.  Definitely makes it easier to seal with. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Floody is darling and much better than the real deal. Hope you are over your head cold soon!

Anonymous said...
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