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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Darn This Cold

I am getting better but ever so slowly. I am blessed to say that I haven't had a bad cold in like four years.  So I am perhaps suffering more than I need to.  I am trying to avoid the doctor.  After all if he says antibiotics, what then?  I am still peeling skin from the last round of pills.  So, lots of liquids, naps all day long, and trying to eat even without an appetite.  

I must be feeling some better because I did some stitching. Well, to be honest I did quite a bit of reverse stitching and then tried to get going again. Grrrrr. 

My knee is doing well. The doctor says I have great range of motion and to keep going. So physical therapy continues. I even did some step up and down exercises the other day.  Yippee!


krayolakris said...

Those Cold-Eeze lozenges might speed your recovery. And stitching always helps!

viv said...

Love watching your progress. Feel better soon.

Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry to hear about the cold! Hope you are feeling better soon! Nice progress in your project.