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Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Trip To Camp.

My friend is here for a visit.  It is so good to see Jeanne.  Sleep will be difficult to find around here and my jaw muscles are getting a work out.  It is so good to spend time with her.

So we decided to get into camp today because the temperatures will be getting cold again.  It was scary to go down that path and ice around the steps was very slippery.  I used my ski poles and made it.  

Jeanne was thrilled to see camp. She says the pictures are great but she didn't realize how big it is or that there are two bedrooms and the loft is huge and fantastic.  

It was very cold in there but it was so good to see.  I did have to sit a bit.  My knee told me about the visit later in the day but it was worth it.

That is the bunk room/hallway/storage room. 

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viv said...

The camp is such a wonderful retreat. I know it was fun for your friend to see it in person.