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Monday, March 7, 2016

Stitching My Day Away

As I recover from this cold, I am returning to my stitching.  The afghan is coming along.  Spring is just around the corner so the afghan will go away after this current block is done.  I do enjoy working on it.  

I also received some new toys in the mail.  I am eager to try them out.  Stretcher bars with adjustable sides.  Very exciting. 

Oh, and the painters tape is new. Apparently it works well for attaching fabric to stretcher bars.  It doesn't leave a residue on the fabric and that is great.  


Robin in Virginia said...

Interesting about the painter's tape use! Thanks for sharing the tip! Your afghan is looking good. Glad you are feeling better from your cold.

Charge Send said...

Hope you love your side adjusting stretcher bars as much as I do mine.

I'd not heard of using painters tape for fastening fabric to the stretchers bars. Please let us know how well it holds when you tighten the frame.

Blythe Donnelly said...

What type of stretcher bar is that? Camp is turning out beautiful!