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Friday, February 13, 2015

Church: Christmas Village Afghan

I have been working on the church.  It spans three different blocks which makes it even harder to deal with.  I am so glad to have this almost done.  Of course the next question is what direction do I go in next?  Left or Right? 

Perle Cotton for hardanger!!  It arrived the other day.  I want to play, play, play.  The bitter bite of winter has arrived.  Minus 30 below on Sunday?  Brrr.  It was minus three this morning when I got up.  The fire place is a welcome addition to my day.  Everyone stay safe and warm. 


Annie said...

This is coming along so beautifully! I can't believe how quickly you're getting it done!
Stay warm, and happy stitching:)

viv said...

Wow, that's gorgeous.

Mdm Samm said...

Ohhh how I love Presencia....your colour choices perfection

Caitlin D said...

Stay inside. That is just too cold. Lovely stitching though, it's really coming along beautifully.

Jentwyn said...

Love your colors of Presencia..what size do you use and where do you get your presencia from?