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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Finish - complete finishing and can you believe it? More Snow

ARGH!!!!  Make it stop!!  Another 3 to 5 inches of snow due tonight and into tomorrow morning.  I have had enough.  I tell you because saying that to anyone else in my area is a waste of words because they are already saying it to me.  Enough already!!  Today I finished block #12.  I do believe it is time to put away the afghan.  If I don't see some spring colors soon, I will go crazy.

The church spans several blocks and the house is only the second story so there is much more to come.  I did start a new spring colored piece that I will share soon.  I spent some time in my room preparing the next project and doing the final touches on several things.  Here you go!

Two Mill Hill Santas, a snowman and a Fandangle are all ready to go! 


Annie said...

It's so beautiful and you're doing a wonderful job on it! I don't blame you for needing a break from it, though. We'll be happy to see it when it comes back out:)
I totally second your thoughts on the weather! Things are about the same here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. ENOUGH!! ;)

Daniela Linhares said...

It looks perfect!! This is a job that I will do soon! I add you blog and will follow it grows and all your needleworks!