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Monday, March 31, 2014

Wow - What a day!

 Great news at the doctor and then I came home to packages on the porch.  Wow!!  I now have a second quilt from PG Peddler!!  I love the bright spring colors and the idea of tulips.  I have a wall I want to hang this on.  I also have a wool bee keep table runner and a snowman quilt pattern.  I was also blessed with some fabric pieces!  Fall colors but tht is okay.  I am slowly getting into quilting and playing with the sewing machine.  I am thrilled.  Oh and some stash arrived.  Hanson Design's first in a series which makes up into small pillows.  There is a Just Nan band sampler which might have to be my next project.  Also some Easter egg cross stitch pattern.  Wow oh Wow!

This afternoon,which sun streaming in, I finished up the Keepsake box cover.  I hope to put it together tomorrow.  I am getting so spoiled with a finish every day or two.  This will stop once I start something a bit larger.  Meanwhile this is so pretty. 

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Linda said...

Jealous over that felt table runner!