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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red Tulip Needle book DONE!

Just this evening, I finished the Red Tulip Needle Book project.  I was confused by some of the filling stitches, but I think they look okay.  The instructions lacked a bit.  The red on red doesn't show up too well in the photo.  Next up is a scissors fob and then finishing, as always.

I also trimmed and put the cabin that I finished just the other day in the frame it was intended for.  It will be a necklace.  Meanwhile, another snow storm?  It appears that it will be going south of us and that would be a good thing.  I think everyone in the northeast is sick of winter and ready for spring.  I saw a squirrel stuck to my maple tree.  The sap is running.  The deer are prancing around and the turkeys are fluffing their feathers.  They all think spring is coming.....  the tons of snow that we still have is making most of think that spring will never get here.


Smily - Света said...

The needlebook looks great! Is it for you or as a gift?

chickenchupacabra said...

That will make such a beautiful necklace. "squirrel stuck to the maple tree" - now THAT'S funny (although, probably not for the squirrel).

Thoeria said...

Love that needlebook! The red looks very dramatic :)

Faith... said...

It is beautiful!