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Monday, March 10, 2014

Loving Friends Box Top

 I did it!!  I finished the box top today.  Including the beads!!!  I am now officially over the fear of cutting fabric during the day.  Thea suggested changing the order of cutting and fill stitching.  This required that I do the hemstitching before the diagonal part of the hardanger.  So I had to make a few adjustments and do a little extra.  It also meant that I had to cut fabric threads after doing some of the stitching and then do more cutting.  So - - I had to learn to just be careful and cut.

This is my new best gadget.  It is called a Bead Smith mat.  It is rubbery.  It is that new material.  It sticks to things and things stick to it and it can be rinsed off and used over and over.  It holds beads on my fabric just fine.  I love the darn little thing.  I found this one at Amazon.  Super cheap.  Very useful.  They also make bigger ones but this is small enough for stitching.


Thoeria said...

That is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love it! And you actually got it dome so quickly!

Shebafudge said...

Looks beautiful!