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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I am Back! More Snow and Stitching.

I am so sorry, dear readers, that I have been missing lately.  I have been having a horrible time as the anniversary of Jack's death was approaching.  I will admit it.  When the day came, I was much calmer than the time before the date.  I took some time off.  I have been busy trying to get a new computer up to speed.  (Computers take a lot of time!)  I have hardly touched a needle. 

We did have another snow storm.  The wild life was having so much fun in my back yard.  I did get a few photos.

 Meanwhile I am trying to get back to my Victoria Sampler Loving Friends piece.  This is the top of the mattress pin cushion.  I am currently working on the hardanger while the computer churns away.

I also had a delivery today.  I have always like bright colors.  To celebrate the fact that I have lost 20 pounds I purchased a new wool cape.  I love the colors and the embroidery. 

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Thoeria said...

Its never easy losing a loved one...and always tough remembering...
Congrats on the 20 pound loss! I know how difficult it is to shed them ..gaining is always so easy but shedding?!?! The colours of that cape is gorgeous. And I do love your hardanger piece...stunning! Good luck with the computer :)