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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Two progress photos today -

 I had to move the Qsnaps today.  Here is the photo as I was about to do that.  I am so close to having the second block done!!  Perhaps 10 rows on the bottom? 

While I had the Qsnaps off, I took this photo which shows all the progress so far.  Wow - I like it.  I have to keep going.  Today I stayed busy with putting away the Christmas decorations.  The house seems relieved to have less clutter around.  The sun was shining.  The deer where visiting.  The turkeys came for a feeding call.  I am going to have to make an effort to get out of the house. It has been a week now and I need to rejoin the world.  LOL.


llknbillburg said...

Just beautiful! And moving along so quickly!! Laura

Annie said...

It's looking fantastic! Amazing progress!

chickenchupacabra said...

The colors look so rich . . . It's so motivating when you love seeing what's developing before your eyes. (Also, so horribly NOT motivating when you don't care for what you're seeing.) So glad this one is of the first kind!!