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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Welcome to the new front of the house!  The new steps went in over the weekend and now we have new railings.  It is now so easy to walk up the front door.  I am over the top thrilled with the progress and so very grateful to all those that made it happen.

Meanwhile woods are being cleared around the house.  There is land now behind the fire pit!!  I am constantly amazed at how much the woods have grown in toward the house in just two years.
Now when you come up the driveway, you see the house much sooner.  There is a lot of woods cleared and pushed back.  There is even room for a large wooden carved bear that I might find some day soon.

I do have to say thank you all the people that helped to make it happen.  I am currently sick with a head cold.  (My first is over two years.)  I couldn't stand to be outside much today.  I hope to be feeling better soon.  I also need to mention that I have been teaching a few people stitching... I need to add some photos of one that is almost done by my niece.  Today I had two more students. 


April said...

Looks great Taffy! I love all the woods around the house!

Mii Stitch said...

Beautiful home!!! Can I move in :D, only joking. All this hard work has really paid off, it looks fantastic