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Monday, November 19, 2012

Little progress on the Village and a new Vehicle

Well, I haven't had much time to work on the village.  I might get some done tomorrow.  I am not sure.  I did work on the little back building beside the Grocery.  

DH and I picked up the new 4 Runner today.  He has been dreaming of a new truck/car since he retired almost three years ago.  So it was time.  Now he has a lot of studying to do to figure out how all the computers work in the thing. 


Charge Send said...

What wonderful finishes you've done in the past week or two. I especially liked the Just Nan Lady Bug scissors roll – and the Friends needle roll and the floss totes and the Lizzie Kate scissors fobs... All this and time to go get a new 4Runner too! Super.

Fee said...

Lovely photo of you and your DH, and your new wagon looks smashing! Enjoy the new car smell together.


Anonymous said...

I like your new car! But I really like your finishes and what you're working on now. You do such fine stitching.

Ann in Alberta