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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Craft Room Work Day

Today I did the final part for this needle roll.  I have so many things just sitting and waiting for some attention.  This one is now ready to go.

I also spent some time making floss totes.  These three are sold.  I need to make up some more. 


Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Beautiful work!

Anne said...

Love your needleroll and your floss holders!! Nice work! :)

Jentwyn said...

What are the floss totes. I've not seen them before. Do you sell them or have a pattern? Seems like a great idea.

Jentwyn said...

Hi Taffy, you emailed me about the floss totes but with christmas and my luck i lost your email. I'm interested in purchasing one. I can't remember how much and how to pay you. You can surprise me with the outside fabric as I'm not real picky. I'm sure I'll like anything you put on it. Just let me know how much and where to pay. Hope all is well for you. Love reading your blog. you can email me at on how to pay and get you my address for shipping.
Jennifer Janney