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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just a bit of finishing -

Nordic Needles Fandangle in Purple.  Mary Engelbreit kit with scissors and fob.  I stitched both of these on travel days.  The finishing was a challenge as I haven't done any of it is so long.  Today I was able to get these two done.  They are probably gifts for someone.  Who knows.  I just like making things.


Jana said...

Hi! My name is Jana. I read ur blog quite often. You and another blogger have inspired me to stitch more. I have a question...I don't have a LNS anywhere near me... Do u do any online ordering? Trying to find a store that ships out products pretty quick. A lot of times, I just need thread, and the 2 stores I normally use, seems to take too long for just a thread purchase. Any suggestions? U can email me at Wasn't sure if u would want to post suggestions. I appreciate your help.
Thx again for sharing!

Ann said...

Hi Taffy,
Great finishes! Love them both but that green really glows on the black. I should do a scissor fob as well (maybe a biscornu - have some great patterns). I have quite some scissors but no fobs :-).
Have a nice week!