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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Catch Up Time

I have been working on this project during wait times at the doctor's office or other medical type appointments.  It is slow going lately and I celebrate that thought.  Today I went to the doctor for a 3 month check up and it just amazes me how much better the health care seems to be here in the boonies compared to metropolitan St. Louis.  Perhaps I just got lucky with my health care choices here.  I don't know but I do appreciate that it is quick and easy to communicate with my doctors and to get attention when needed.

 There has been some progress on the village.  I wish there was more.  I do have a good excuse and that explanation is coming up.  I have started work on the grocery store.  There are just not enough hours in the day!
This little guy, Landon has his second birthday yesterday.  Gigi (me) and Jack gave him a Red Flyer wagon.  Grandparents (my son) gave him the motorized car.  Landon had so much fun going for walks.  All of us adults got to walk up and down and up and down.  He is a joy and a treat in life.  There should have been a video going while Jack and I tried to put together the wagon.  It is funny to look back on the process but at the time it was just crazy trying to figure out what to do, how to do it and who was to do what.....  We need to practice more if we are to qualify as Santa's elves.......


April said...

Great Stitchy Taffy! Landon is so cute on his car!!!

Fee said...

Very cute little one. I love reading your blog, found it recently. I am on chemo too but can't stitch with a drip n my arm! Some people do and so did I first time around!
Anyway keep up the good work, your pieces are lovely. I will keep checking in!

Fee. Somerset. UK

Linda said...

Great stitching! I see you're getting good use of the wonderful embroidery hoop!

You and Jack definitely qualify as 'elves' in my book! Just remember, practice makes perfect, and Landon has a hefty queue of things that require assembly on his Christmas List.

To Fee in Somerset, UK, best wishes for good health and a speedy recovery!