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Friday, October 26, 2012

Another block done and progress on the CoH

I did complete the latest block.  I do have an argument with the tree.  Is that a Christmas tree waiting for decorations?  Say it isn't so.   I am so crazy with all the Christmas stuff out already.  Before Halloween?  I just shake my head and move on.  I saw candy canes just the other day.  By Christmas time, you won't be able to find any - the Easter eggs will be out.

I am slowly making progress on the Confetti of Hardanger.  I am working on the outside border with button hole stitch.  I have three of the sides done.  More instructions come out tomorrow - I am only one section behind - once I finish this part.  I am getting there but it is very slow.


Jana said...

U r exactly correct about the Christmas stuff. It's crazy. As usual, love ur stitching!

Christine said...

The Halloween piece is looking great! Can't wait to see what the entire piece looks like.

blue star stitcher said...

I hate seeing Christmas stuff crowding the shelves so early in the season. By the time the actual season rolls around I am sick of it. Love the new block, even if it does have a Christmas tree in it.