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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stash and the right wing

Yesterday was stash day.  Two projects arrived.  Victoria Sampler's Sturbridge Box and Cheerywood's Booltimore.  I look forward to working on both of these.  

Meanwhile I did get some stitching done.  I started to work on the right wing.  (No, I am not talking about politics.  LOL)  The outline is done.  I still have the fill in on the edge parts.  Then we march on to all that green.


viv said...

I'm always amazed at your stitching progress. I love the colors in Sturbridge Box. I took the earlier class. Is it finished?
No. (Sigh)

April said...

Great stash Taffy!!! I am laughing at the title - Right Wing!!! lol You are indeed working on the right wing!! It is coming along great!! Have fun stitching!