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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It a bird and changes to the craft room

 I worked on the bird.  I had some time last night to work on this.  It was a good thing because today was very busy with changes to craft room. 

It all started with  a ponder.  What about a small tv in my craft room.  I have seen all those photos of people with great craft rooms and most have a tv.  I didn't need a big tv, just a small one to keep up with a show or a movie when I was putting together kits or doing the many finishes I like to work on.  First let me say that the week after Super Bowl is not the best time to be looking for a new tv. 

 The changes forced the book case to be moved closer to the window.  So now it doesn't 'line up' with the shelves on the wall.  Do I care?  Does it matter?  It did give a bit more room behind the desk.  I am undecided.

On the other side of the room, hiding behind the rocking chair, you will see my new tv.  The plan is to have it mounted on the wall in that corner.  For now it is on top of the the case boxes in the corner.  What do you think?  Improved?  Did the book case shift make a difference? 


Jeanne said...

After studying this for a bit I think you should have Buddy build you some shelves next to the shelves you have and have them extend to the wall. Just a shorter version than you have one would notice the "seam". A craft room can never have too many shelves LOL!
Just a thought!

Barbara said...

I think the hutch your son made is taking up way too much room and you should send it to me so it's out of your way. :)

viv said...

I think she should send the whole room to me....