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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How organized is too organized?

Starting yesterday and continuing today, I worked on a Excel spreadsheet logging design name, designer, catagory and special notes.  Can anyone guess how many entries have been made from just these two drawers?  I will admit they are large drawers but I was shocked at how many items are in there.  To complete the inventory I will have to get to 'new stash', set aside stash and current projects. 

Not a lot of stitching was completed today so no progress photo.  Hopefully I will have something to show tomorrow.


Christine said...

I love the drawers and cabinets you have in your stitching room. Can you tell us where they come from?

Ann said...

Hi Taffy,
How I would love to go through your drawers!
Shall we sit a little and stitch together? ;-)

MoonBeam said...

I would love to be this organized!

Melanie said...

I would say that looks pretty organized to me. I love your set of drawers though, they look perfect for your stash storage.