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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Be Jolly moves right along

Progress is being made.  I am approaching half way done.  I do think these are strange colors for Christmas.  On a different note, I have a new project.  I am making a spread sheet of all my stash.  Why?  I am asking that question over and over.  I entered about a third of my filed away charts and kits today.  It started because Victoria Sampler has a sale going on.  I made a list of what I have and what accessory packs I might be missing.  I was amazed by how many I have.  I do believe I could only stitch VS and still not get it all done in this life time.


Anonymous said...

Your so lucky to have the time to stitch so much and to do so in such lovely settings. It would even inspire me to get my needle out more.

Janine said...

Taffy, i love your Be Jolly. What program are you using to do your inventory. I want to do this too.

Hugs Janine

Shanda said...

I love it and I think the colors are bright and fun :(