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Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank Goodness - - another color

Ok - now I have finished up the horse. Whew!!! I just read that it all gets BACKSTITCHED??? That will another huge job. Now I am doing the green grass and tombstones to represent the cemetary this guy must be riding through.

On a side bar - - I have, once again, messed up my back. Lessons are learned each time I go through this. I went to the chiropractor today after a weekend of screaming pain. Well, it only hurts when I step on my left foot. It also hurts if I turn to the left so I have to continually turn to the right. (DH likes this - - ) I am spending a lot of time exercising the bad muscle, going to the doctor, icing my back and saying lots of bad words. I hope things are better soon. I do get a lot of stitching done while I have to sit and ice. So there is a good part.

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Theresa said...

Man--you are really moving right along on this one!! Looks Great. Hope your back feels better soon-no fun at all!! Take Care
Theresa in NW Kansas