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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Attention Secret Santas

This is my brother, Butch. He is playing Santa Claus here while me makes his fabulous threaders. These make great Christmas presents. Very unique and very useful for any stitcher.

I have some great ideas for Secret Santas this year. This first photo shows three long hook threaders and they all have magnets. (More about that below) There is also one long wire that reminds me of a star detailer tool with a wooden handle. Each of these is $25.00

These threaders are all using the same as the metal threader in the photo. The threaders are trimmed to size for the wooden part, pierced and then glued in place with gorilla glue. I have yet to hear that one has been pulled out. They are very strong. The top row has magnets and sell for $16.00 a piece. The three on the bottom row do not have magnets and sell for $12.00

These are all using the LoRan threader as displayed here. The small hook end is trimmed and then glued in place. The top row has magnets and see for $16.00 The bottom row do not have magnets and see for $12.00. The first threader in the first row - - looks like a wine glass...

Why magnets? They will help find misplaced needles. They stay put when placed in a travel tin with the rest of your tools. They also will not roll off or get lost when you use a magnetic board or any metal surface. Some people love them and others don't

You can email me at Shipping is $5.00 extra for USA.

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riona said...

Taffy: I am interested in purchasing one of the Loran type threaders [with magnet] ... I do not have a PayPal account but am willing to send well-concealed cash ... if you will e-mail me at regmaracc at optonline dot net, perhaps we can make a mutually agreeable arrangement. I think your brother's work is lovely.