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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How Many????

I continued on with his jacket, cape and will move on to the pants. It occurs to me that I am doing one stitch at a time. How about you? When you back stitch, what is the max you will carry a thread when it is going in one direction. I won't go more than three stitches. If there are four stitches, I will do two at a time. The directions said to only back stitch over two threads. I might start that way but I quickly move on to going two or three stitches at a time. How about you?


Linda said...

I do exactly what the directions (or my teacher!) tells me to do.

BrandonParkersMommy said...

Usually I go over 1, I don't like to go more than 2 because I don't believe it gets the coverage I want. Beautiful WIP!!

LoriRay said...

I go one at a time. Otherwise, it just doesn't look the same to me. Most people probably wouldn't notice but it would bother me.