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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkins, Halloween and more

I have been working on Halloween a lot lately. These two pieces are from Just Nan and are the Boo Over the Top tin topper and the needle book that goes inside. I hope to get the actual finishing done soon. I already made the twisted cord.

As a side note - - I started the Just Nan Scream house. This is 18 little pieces to stitch before you try to put them together. It should be a SCREAM!!!! Wahhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ohhhhh Ahhhh.


Linda said...

Well...thanks to the spiders on it, this is one piece I won't be hoping finds it way under my tree, lol. I do admire it for it's technical merit, however, and it's darn cute, too. My favorite still is the purple pumpkin, though!

Linda said...

Check that - it's a yellow/orange pumpkin with a purple hat. Oops.