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Monday, October 13, 2008

Done, Complete, Fin-neat-to!!!!!

Today, as I recover from a pulled tooth (I busted it last week), I finished Summer. I worked most of yesterday and all of today doing the back stitching in the lower left corner. I will post a complete photo and a close up on the involved area. On large projects I like to date and place my initials. So the post mark in the lower left corner has the year 2008 in it (instead of 2001) and I put my initials on the cruise liner. I write this here because I know I put these things on other projects but years later - - even I can't find them. LOL.

This has been a very long project. I know I suspended it several times for other projects. I know that I have done some other fairly large projects this year. I am glad this one is done, marked in my spread sheet and ready to get framed. I plan on working on some smaller things in the immediate future.

Happy stitching everyone.


monique said...

WOw, Taffy! Looks great... congrats on your finish!

Linda said...

Whew! I thought we'd never get this one done, Taf! I can't wait for us to start the next one! (Well, it FEELS like we did it with you, because we followed the progress so closely!) Great job!