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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stitching and Camp News

I touched a wall on the afghan!  The top five blocks are now done.  I have moved on to block number ten right below it and already half way done.

Very exciting.  I should return to so many other projects but I keep working on this.  I do love the large count and it is already beside my chair.  (Talk about lazy!). Meanwhile I have been getting things done at camp.  Windows, rugs, furniture.  Let me share.

Thank you to Buddy, my son and Linda , his girlfriend for all their help this week.  Progress is being made.  Today it was cold and raining.  Then snow.  Then sleet.  Brr.  It was still good to sit in my chair to watch the fire, turn to see the river being rained in and then turn and check out the room.  

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Robin in Virginia said...

Your place is coming together! I really like the valances you have hung. I bet it was quite cozy sitting by the warmth of the fire. Great progress on your afghan!