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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Am Not A Shopper

It has been a week of shopping and more shopping.  I hope I am about done.  Beds, stools and chairs are in camp.  Sheets, curtains are here and ready to go in.  I certainly hope that I am done.  My bank account says I am done.  LOL. Here are a few photos of what has been happening.


Linda said...

Camp is looking great Taffy.


Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, the furniture (chairs and stools) look like they were made specifically for camp. Are those towel racks with the pinecone sprays? Where did you find them? Enjoy your weekend and the time at camp!

viv said...

Looking warm and cozy.

Taffy said...

I found the towel rod at the local Ace hardware store. Pretty cool!