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Friday, February 12, 2016

Morning Visitors

Winter has arrived. It is cold outside and expected to get colder.  We should have been seeing this all along but suddenly we seem surprised and unprepared. I am being good and staying warm inside. No trips planned for the weekend with the super cold weather coming.  This morning it warmed my heart to see my visitors.  Picture post card time.


Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely shot of the deer! You are so right about it being a picture postcard. Stay warm and have a super weekend!

viv said...

Beautiful. We seldom see deer close by any more...occasionally in the garden, but I am always so happy to see them when out driving. I think that no matter what's going on in the world, the animals just continue to do what they do...and it's reassuring.

Smily said...

What a nice guest!